The power of positive communication

It is extremely important to communicate with your spouse in clear and neutral way.

It is important to maintain neutral tone of voice in every discussion and conversation.

It starts with “I” statement.

Listen without judging.

If you aren’t in a good mood to talk, say it. But, you also need to go back to the topic, don’t just walk away. It’s not solving the problem.

If two persons in the household share one workspace, it is important to state individual’s roles and tasks in the workplace. Clear boundary- don’t mix personal issue with work issue.

If both of you are a working couple and have different offices, you still need to tell your spouse your work schedule and if you have kids, you need to prioritize your kids (e.g., supervision, school, food, etc). Share responsibility is the key.

Have one-on-one time with your spouse without phone, laptop, or kids for an hour or so at least once every two weeks or once a month, depending on your schedule.

Here’s the challenging part: put it into practice. Apply what you already know into a reality. If you fail, try again and make it better from the last time.
Yes, you can. 🙂


Inspiring woman from Africa

I recently read an article about a woman who left her country in Africa for better education. She promised the elderly in her village that she will return to her village. She did returned and built a school for younger women in her town. She also shared the culture in her village including how women must go through ritual process called female genital mutilation or female circumcision. She was fortunate that her mother secretly brought a nurse to treat her wound because sometimes these girls might die due to infection or suffer from other medical complications. I read the female genital mutilation process and believe that it should be banned forever. Women do not deserve those kinds of treatment.

I found her story was powerful. She fought for her justice and returned to save the younger generation. She is fearless. I like her. If I could meet her in person, I will ask her autograph and take a picture with her. Oh, her name is Kakenya Ntaiya.

Ex roommate. Where are you?

I’m thinking of my ex-roommate a lot. The last time I exchanged a communication with her was 5 mths ago. She was used to be on my Facebook but then I didn’t see her. Unsure whether she blocked or deactivated her Facebook.

Anyway, I hope she is doing well.
She works long hours, and she is very into fitness. Her boyfriend is also into fitness, so sometimes they go to the gym together. 

I didn’t anticipate to meet or spend 6 mths with her. She posted an ads on Craigslist looking for a roommate. I saw her ads multiple times, but I ignored. Then, I was only have a few weeks left before the lease ended. I sent her an e-mail. To my surprise, she responded my email and about two weeks after that I moved to her place. She owns a condo and I rent one of her rooms. 

Sometimes you never know whom you will meet. It’s a surprise! The key is to enjoy the process.

Words and Art

I read a piece of article by Regina Reaves, and I definitely agree with her when she said that words and art are intertwined.

“Writing inspires meaningful art; meaningful art inspires good copy. I believe words and art are so entwined that one cannot perform well without the other. ” Regina Reaves 

Special but challenging

Education is expensive, and it takes all your energy. You must agree with me in this matter. It is not special if it is not challenging.

My quest in finishing this program isn’t yet finished. The biggest challenge is getting the hours as I don’t have enough hours.
I may have to do a few things & I need more resources. Getting a right mentor is also important as I want to be trained by the right person and plus I have to spend additional $$ for this supervision, so it is crucial to find the right person. This is the reason I say that education is expensive.

However, I found something interesting from this process. I am beginning to look at a path that is somewhat different from my original plan. But, I believe that I can still reach my final destination even if I choose this route. Surely I have fears and worries in this quest, but I’ll do my best and see what is going to happen.

I just have to remember that others also face challenging situation, so I am not the only one who is struggling with life.

God will lead me.
He is going to show me which door I should open.
He is going to guide me how I can get additional funding.
He is also the one who is going to show me how I am going to solve this matter.