Special but challenging

Education is expensive, and it takes all your energy. You must agree with me in this matter. It is not special if it is not challenging.

My quest in finishing this program isn’t yet finished. The biggest challenge is getting the hours as I don’t have enough hours.
I may have to do a few things & I need more resources. Getting a right mentor is also important as I want to be trained by the right person and plus I have to spend additional $$ for this supervision, so it is crucial to find the right person. This is the reason I say that education is expensive.

However, I found something interesting from this process. I am beginning to look at a path that is somewhat different from my original plan. But, I believe that I can still reach my final destination even if I choose this route. Surely I have fears and worries in this quest, but I’ll do my best and see what is going to happen.

I just have to remember that others also face challenging situation, so I am not the only one who is struggling with life.

God will lead me.
He is going to show me which door I should open.
He is going to guide me how I can get additional funding.
He is also the one who is going to show me how I am going to solve this matter.


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