Inspiring woman from Africa

I recently read an article about a woman who left her country in Africa for better education. She promised the elderly in her village that she will return to her village. She did returned and built a school for younger women in her town. She also shared the culture in her village including how women must go through ritual process called female genital mutilation or female circumcision. She was fortunate that her mother secretly brought a nurse to treat her wound because sometimes these girls might die due to infection or suffer from other medical complications. I read the female genital mutilation process and believe that it should be banned forever. Women do not deserve those kinds of treatment.

I found her story was powerful. She fought for her justice and returned to save the younger generation. She is fearless. I like her. If I could meet her in person, I will ask her autograph and take a picture with her. Oh, her name is Kakenya Ntaiya.


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