The power of positive communication

It is extremely important to communicate with your spouse in clear and neutral way.

It is important to maintain neutral tone of voice in every discussion and conversation.

It starts with “I” statement.

Listen without judging.

If you aren’t in a good mood to talk, say it. But, you also need to go back to the topic, don’t just walk away. It’s not solving the problem.

If two persons in the household share one workspace, it is important to state individual’s roles and tasks in the workplace. Clear boundary- don’t mix personal issue with work issue.

If both of you are a working couple and have different offices, you still need to tell your spouse your work schedule and if you have kids, you need to prioritize your kids (e.g., supervision, school, food, etc). Share responsibility is the key.

Have one-on-one time with your spouse without phone, laptop, or kids for an hour or so at least once every two weeks or once a month, depending on your schedule.

Here’s the challenging part: put it into practice. Apply what you already know into a reality. If you fail, try again and make it better from the last time.
Yes, you can. 🙂



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