How to make Mama happy.

Mama is a bold woman. She has been working very hard to ensure that we receive proper education and skills. Mama taught us to be a strong independent woman. This means we should have our own job, could take care of ourselves and to not rely on others’ help.

Mama and I had a rocky relationship. We bickered over little and big things. I learned and did at my best to adjust my opinion or thinking with her thinking. I learned to tell her “I am sorry” when I knew I was wrong. I tried at my best to help her in my own way to relieve her burden or worries.

Mama allowed me to study in the United States 12 years ago. She was hesitant, but she thought it was for a good reason. Furthermore, she knew that I studied really hard in order to pass all tests.

In return, I studied hard at school and won several merit-based scholarships during my undergraduate and graduate school years. My mission at that time and still until now is to make Mama proud of me.

I saved money and started to give her allowance when I had my first full-time job. I remembered I wrote to her in the card that the money could be used to pay electric bill. I still give her allowance. If I have more, I give her more.

I know that Mama likes to see and wear nice dresses. Once, she told me she wanted to have nice dresses when she was young, but she did not have money. Last year, she asked me to buy a party gown at a discounted price. She said no need to spend lots of money. I secretly bought her another gown, not at the discounted price and brought it home. She deserves to wear a nice gown.

Thank you Mama for everything!



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