Sewing Machine

I was invited to the religious event at the Vihara last night, and one thing that I remembered most from this event was the speech’s take-home message delivered by the Vihara’s director. She reminded us that we could achieve our dream when we work on it.

In her speech, she shared with us that debt collectors took her family’s house including food supplies when she was young. Her mother at that time begged to the debt collectors to not take her sewing machine. Later, her mother used this sewing machine to sew clothes and use her earning to buy food for the family. She worked long hours and eventually was able to send her children to college.

The director said to us that she would not be a director if her mother handled the situation with anger at that time. She also said her mother did not blame her father for his carelessness that caused them to lose their house.

Furthermore, the director also told us that we may encounter unfortunate or difficult situation at some point in our life. She said that we will be able to get through this difficult situation and eventually return to the stage where we were used to be or perhaps better, when we persevere and maintain a positive attitude during stressful time.

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