Choose Your Choice Wisely

Stork carries a baby and drops the baby to a family. The parents-to-be are either excited or miserable upon learning the news. Regardless, the baby will grow in this family and will learn whether he/she is loved or not. The child will look to please his/her parents all the time, act defiant, or seek for outside support, depending on the situation.

Imagine you are the baby, you don’t know whom you will meet and what you will encounter a few seconds from now or tomorrow. Once you are “dropped” to a specific “family” (situation/case/place/ person, etc.), you have to deal with the situation/person or adjust with the environment. During this time, you could fight for your dream, continue to become a better person, get a revenge on someone, or give up everything. Your choice will influence your future.
Thus, choose your choice wisely.



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