The Girl from the Graduate School

I met a girl in the graduate school through our mutual friends. She is my friend’s roommate. Although we seldom hung out together, I remembered that my friend described her roommate as a someone who has bold personality and is very persistent.
I did not comprehend these traits until I saw my friend’s ex-roommate maternity pictures this morning.

My friend and I moved to New York after graduation, while this girl married her boyfriend who worked in the Bay Area. She then opened her own business in CA, too. I then learned that she and her husband were expecting their first child, but something happened, she had a miscarriage.

Fast forward, I saw her maternity pictures this morning. I saw her glowing face, her bright-lovely eyes as she looked at her husband. She also included her dog in her maternity pictures. I could tell from the pictures that this dog means a lot to her and her husband. I secretly wondered if the dog helps her to cope with her lost.

Seeing her maternity pictures left me with an understanding that we need to be determined, brave, and faithful to achieve our goals, and to deal with challenges or lost.



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