Yes, I can 

Life should be easy and hassle-free only when we perceive that there’s always a way out for every problem we have. Having said this, we need to have a preconceived idea (“we/I can solve this”) before we begin our daily activities. The question is how we build this preconceived idea.

1. Learn from others or observation.  We watch how others solve a similar or difficult problem

2. StudyWe could read books, articles, biographies, blogs, or journals related to our field of interests

3. Practice. We put what we have learned from others into practice. It is also a great idea to have a mentor to guide you during this process, whether you are in the process of finishing school/college, obtaining a job, opening your own business or improving your overall behaviors.

4. Open to constructive criticism. This part is challenging mostly because we basically allow others to criticize our work, behavior, etc. Learning to differentiate constructive from demeaning critic is crucial. 

A good critic often shows us the example of the part that we are not doing well, and more than one people mention the same thing. People who have known us for a while usually give us a supportive feedback, too. Even if we cannot accept that feedback, it’s always a good idea to revisit this critic once we are calm, not in the defensive mode. 

On the other hand, demeaning critic only points to our flaws and often is expressed without checking the facts. We could also use this bad-poor critic to improve our overall attitude, too by asking ourselves what makes this person says a bad thing about us. What other actions should we do to prevent this from happening again? 

5. Surround ourselves with good-positive people. We need to be around people who give us inspiration and are supportive.

6. Faith. I personally think having a strong faith is necessary to help us to persevere and remain positive. 

7. Clear goal(s) What we want to achieve in 1, 5, 10 years from now.                                 “Am I moving in the right direction?”  Creating our own timeline or chart is necessary to remind us what our priorities are. 

Obviously, there are more steps or suggestions to help us to always think positive. These 7 steps not only remind us to always stay positive, but also help those who want to improve their confidence. 


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