Impossible ⇆ Possible 


The length from “impossible” to “possible” is varied depending on your situation. The journey from one point to another is exhausting and could break you down emotionally and physically if you are not careful. On another note, it brings a sense of satisfaction once you are able to go through each step successfully. I called this a “woohoo! Yeah!” moment. 

I have been on a tough quest for finding the “right” home. My definition of “right” is a place or environment where I could sharpen, expand, and share my skills with people who will benefit from receiving these skills. The “right” home where I could confidently say “this is it!” It is also a place where I perhaps could share my space with a person whom I love with

Based on those definitions, I learned that I needed to leave to sharpen my skills so that I could make what I have right now to be 99.99% perfect. The process was not easy. I had to make a lot of  tough  big and small decisions. Disappointment, uncertainty, and anxiety all were mixed. It took a great big deal of exercise to remain positive. 

So, where am I now on the impossible to possible scale?  I am on 3/4 moving toward “possible.” The remaining 1/4 is a huge battle. There is a risk that I have to step backward a little bit and  change strategy. Again, many things could happen in this process. All I could think is to try at my best. Not easy, but I will persevere (please).




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