Non-fiction vs. fiction

Every story whether it is a fiction or non-fiction, has a beginning and ending part. If it is a fiction and you are the sole author, you have a privilege to “orchestrate” the storyline and how it ends. On the other hand, you can’t fully control the storyline of a non-fiction story. 

Our creator, God has a control over our lives. He considers our requests, but He decides who is in our lives and who has to be out. He decides when we should have this or that. He also tells us what we could do when we encounter a tough situation. Last but not least, He tells us why we have to do certain thing, though this realization may not come instantly.

I have countless chapters in my non-fiction story. Some chapters are connected one to another, some don’t. My non-fiction story is not yet reached the ending part, so I still have a glimpse of hope. How about you? -mws-


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