“Life is changed, not ended”

I visited hospital a lot for these past three days due to a family emergency event. During these past three days, I saw different things and facial expressions going on at the hospital. A fragile patient was lying in the bed with the oxygen mask on. A nurse transported an incubator from one room to another followed by a grandmother. I saw family members waiting outside the surgery-operating room. I also heard the beeping sound coming out from the heart monitor. Among all of these, the saddest moment was when you saw your loved one was poked with needles and had to undergo lots of tests. 

This hospital  scene was not completely new to me because I volunteered at the hospital when I was in a college. However, this time it felt different. I felt anxious and scared entering the hospital. Perhaps it was because one of my family members was at the hospital. There was so many “what if” questions going on inside my head during these past three days. Questions that some of them could not get answered immediately. 

Although I do not have to go back to the hospital again, there is still a glimpse of fear what if I have to return to the hospital again for the same reason. Upon thinking of this, I remembered the words written on a card sent by the priest to me a few years ago. The words are ” Life is changed, not ended.” 



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