Ways to stay positive 

It takes great amount of exercise to practice “I could do this, and there’s a way out” attitude. It’s because you will be challenged and criticized by people (nearly) all the time. Therefore, learning to control your emotions during this time is crucial to avoid unnecessary argument. Most importantly, you also need to filter constructive from non-constructive messages. Keep the constructive messages to improve your personal self development.

I honestly say that this entire process is not easy, but it is feasible. It’s a part of being a grown up living in the challenging and unpredictable environment. I am writing this to remind you to stay positive in dealing with any difficulties/challenges. Last but not least, I encourage you to have quiet time each day whether it is in the morning or at night to meditate and/or pray. As much as we want to improve ourselves, we also need to improve our spiritual life. Understanding that God is in control help us to slow down, think thoroughly, and find the solution. 

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