Dear Hope

Dear Hope,

Life without you is dull and meaningless. Yet, it is getting difficult to stay with you, when things get tough, and I don’t get what I want. 
I know I cannot get everything that I want. However, I am writing this to let you know that I’m a human with flaws. This means I still feel disappointed and sad when the results are not the exactly the way I expected it to be. People said perhaps the things that I want are not meant to be mine. Others said I ask too much or impossible things. So, my dearest Hope, it’s a hard work to have you with me in the midst of the numerous trials and errors. 
At the end, I still choose you, because life without you is meaningless, and that to make a meaningful life, I need to invite faith and love. Hope makes my life purposeful. Faith is a powerful ingredient to keep me sane and wise, while love is like a perfume that makes my daily activities colorful. 

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