Reflection: Like and Love

How long do you think you could like someone while the other person is not reciprocating your feeling? A month? A year? Is there an expiration date for this matter? 

How do you differentiate “like” from “love?” Ideally, you have to like that person first before you love that person. What if you can’t really tell whether you like or love this person? 
There’s a word of wisdom that states if you truly love someone, you are able to set that person free. Let’s say, you set this person free. Will you still feel a heartache every time you see that person hangs out with others while you can’t? The ideal answer is no, but what if yes? You could then ask about the “quantity” of the heartache. If you truly set this person free, your heartache should be decreased (e.g., from 100% heartache to 25% heartache and hopefully to 0% heartache). 

Another word of wisdom says that you can’t make another person fall in love with you. Yet, others say that love can’t develop instantly. It is built over time. Which word of wisdom are you going to choose? There’s no exact science rule for this. Use your best judgement, but do it with a big heart. 

So, going back to the first question. There is perhaps a possibility that you could still like that person even if this person doesn’t like you. Depending on your personal nature, there is a huge possibility that liking someone has no expiration date, and definitely there is NO expiration date in loving someone. 

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