Have you ever… 

Have you ever experienced the time when you had to make a very good decision in a short amount of time with limited resources? For example, the person or company you have been waiting is not yet responding to your requests. Or, you wait for additional documents that are not yet delivered to your mailbox.

Have you ever felt that the decision that you made earlier was (perhaps) wrong or not effective? If yes, how did you amend this situation? 
I did made several important decisions in my life, and I had a mixed feeling post my decisions. Ideally and as some people said, we should not feel sorry or regret or whatsoever once we make a decision. Well, I found this was quite hard. What I meant with mixed feeling was that I was happy I did it, but then I regretted from making that decision. It was a plus and minus in every important decision that I made.
I learned along the way that I could not get all the plus. There has to be some minus. I do wonder if this is the “common rule” in life.
I will say the “troubleshooting” moment is the hardest one because you have to make sure that you will not repeat the same mistake.
So, the best reasonable advice I could give to you is to do what you need to do, and just remember that your final decision should not and will not against the law. 

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