Go Big! 

I’ve reached a point where I questioned myself whether I was on the right track in pursuing my goals and planning my future. I believe we all want to accomplish at least one thing in our life. I also believe we want our “life curve” to go up and remain stable on that level. I also realize that there has to be some ups and downs in our journey. I am told that these ups and downs were the ones that make us strong.

Instead of asking one’s feedback, I decided to read on other people’s blogs and compare their situations with my own situation. I was hoping to get something out of their stories and checked if there was a common theme from their stories. What I found from their stories was that they were making a bold move to achieve their goals. I bet it was a thrilling experience for them when they were making that move. However, I am sure they feel satisfied once they finally are able to hold or get what they want to accomplish. So, my dearest readers, don’t be afraid! Go bold! Do what you need to do so that there’s no regrets later. Last but not least, ask God’s blessings so that He will protect and guide us wherever we go. 




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