Love and Growing Tree

Building mutual and eternal love is like planting a tree. It takes time and dedication, but it gives us the most rewarding experience when we see the results.
Just like a seed needs water, fertilizer and human’s care to grow, so does love. We need to feed our relationship with “nutritious food”, such as positive communication, appreciation, and passion if we want our relationship to grow.  

The growing tree could get hit by thunder or fall down due to storm, but the root is still there and so the tree is still able to reproduce its leaves. Similarly, when the foundation of love is strong, there is no need to be afraid of facing the “storm” because even when the storm destroys or shakes the relationship, the foundation is still there and could “re-grow” again. It does take time, but the process is slightly faster than the first time because the foundation is still there. 

Are you nurturing and taking care of your love relationship? 

p.s. This written piece is also published on Instagram @1001diarycollections   



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