The effect of falling in love with someone 

Expecting someone to reciprocate your love feeling is impossible mostly because the person has no special feeling about you. Yet, you are not fully able to move beyond this person after so many years. 
People say time will heal the “wounds” or disappointment. Other say don’t think too much about this person, keep yourself busy. Yet, the image of this person still pops out, as soon as you open your eyes or just before you sleep. You still think about this person here and there.  

 Falling in love is a complicated process for some people. A process that initially you don’t ask or expect, but when it strikes you, the effect lasts longer than you could imagine. But, please don’t be afraid to fall in love with someone, because life is dull without love, laughter, and hug. 

**p.s. This written piece is appeared on the @1001diarycollections on Instagram 


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