Special eye glasses 

Not satisfied with your look or your life? Simply wear a pair of glasses or change your glasses if you already wear one. I bet you will see yourself and others differently. 
How? Let me present you with the three types of glasses. 

The first one is called appreciation glasses. When you wear a pair of appreciation glasses, you learn that everyone has a problem, not just you. This type of glasses shows you that there are people who are less fortunate, suffer more, and have to work twice harder than you.

Wearing this pair of glasses makes you think about homeless people, people who are severely sick, people who just lost her loved ones due to war, nature event, accident, or illness. 

The second one is called merciful glasses. When you wear a pair of merciful glasses, you show kindness toward people around you, sincerely help them and make them feel relieved. You do all of these without expecting anything from them. Not only this merciful glass teaches you to be humble, it also shows you that money is not the first and foremost thing in your life. 

The third one is called acceptance glasses. This pair of glasses contain a mixture of appreciation, apology, and perseverance. You learn to accept your current condition by appreciating what you have, but at the same time you are encouraged to fully use and expand your skills in a hope for better outcome. 

All of these glasses are cool, but I encourage you to wear the acceptance glasses. Regardless, you could choose one that suits with your situation. Remember these three types of glasses when you feel that life gets tough or feel that you are not good enough. 

Thank you! 

Happy Married Life: what you/we need to know 

What does a happy married life look like? I ask because I witness unhappy married life and wonder if it is ever existed. If for some reason, there is no such 100% happy marriage, I would like to watch or see how 99% happy marriage looks like. 

According to Ashley Bush, a psychotherapist, “A happy marriage has two people who love each other very much and are committed to bringing out the best in each other.” For instance, if your partner is struggling with an issue at work, you listen to them, talk about the situation and ask how you can support them, she said. “You basically have each other’s back.”

Well, I don’t have real exact answer, but I found these 2 articles (see the links below), which sort of telling me the answer. I also learned a few of those tips as suggested by the two authors through my graduate-level courses. I think it all comes back to the couple. Maybe, this type of lesson should be introduced in the high school and review again in the college and premarital counseling. Therefore, people will think twice or perhaps 1000 times before committing in married life. 

Thank you for reading! 

Resource: http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/4823414