A Ferris Wheel 

Daddy has been telling me about his friends who used to be rich and success, but they lost everything due to unfortunate events, such as gambling, corruption and fraud. He specifically used a term “Ferris wheel” to describe one’s socioeconomical status. He said his friends who were used to be rich and sit on the top of the wheel, now are on the bottom of the wheel. Those who previously on the lower or bottom of the wheel, now are sitting on the top because of their good-hard work.  

He continues to advise me to work diligently, save, and use money wisely due to this matter. I understand his fears and worries. I understand he and mom and just like any other parents want to see their kids live healthy, happy and sufficiently. I don’t promise anything to him and Mom, but I want to show them that I could live good enough to support myself. After all, it’s my responsibility to show them that they already prepared me with plenty resources and it is my turn to use those resources wisely. 


A letter to my future husband 

Dear my future husband,
I don’t know how you look, but I think you have a decent appearance. The wise said look at the inner beauty, not the outer beauty. 
I don’t know when and where I will meet you, but I know when the time is right we shall meet. I know that for sure. 

Maybe we have known each other, but we don’t really talk. Maybe you are a stranger to me. Regardless, when we meet, it’s going to be a new introduction and a new chapter for us.

I can’t promise anything to you other than I will try at my best to keep our relationship going, and I hope you do the same thing. There will be time when I accidentally raise my voice when I talk to you, and when that happens, please remind me. Also, when I suddenly distance myself from you, it’s not because I hate you, but because I need to think and solve something. I will ask for help when I need help. 

My hope for you is that there won’t be infidelity between us. I want you to love and enjoy what you do for a living. I prefer genuine actions to sweet talking. Last but not least, I hope you place our relationship and/or family above any other activities.

If there is no such a perfect marriage/family relationship, I hope we have 99.9% perfect relationship.


Your future wife 

6 Definitions of Love

Instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day every February 14, it would be great if we spread the culture that everyday is a Valentine’s Day. 

I also think we need to continuously teach and model for others what love truly is. Our words and actions should represent what love is, such as caring for one another and asking for forgiveness. Active discussion in topics related to love, such as almsgiving, happiness and family bonding will help us to understand when and how we should apply love in our daily lives. Again, love does not have to be a relationship between a male and female, it could be between parents and children, between friends and coworkers. We should spread more love than hate. Our world will be so much healthy if we practice love. 

Here’s my 6 definitions of what love is:

  1. Love is listening to each other without judging.
  2. Love is giving a surprise kiss on a cheek. 
  3. Love is saying “I am sorry” genuinely.
  4. Love is multiple acts of kindness and thankfulness.
  5. Love is 0% jealously 100% support.
  6. Love is seeing and acknowledging one’s true heart first, not physical appearance. 

Faith, hope, and love, and the greatest one is love.

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A plate of Hainanese Chicken

Chinese New Year always reminds me of my late maternal grandmother who back when she was still alive, was always busy cooking and cleaning the house weeks before the New Year. I miss her spirit in celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY) because none of us will do the things she did to celebrate CNY.

 My late grandmother was raised in traditional Chinese family and practiced Confucianism, so event like CNY was a big thing for her. 
As far as I could remember, she would pray for her late parents and parents-in-law a week before the new year. She prepared a table, lit incense, and prayed. She served Chinese dishes along with the utensils on that table. She told me she invited her parents and in-laws to eat. It was part of the tradition, to honor our ancestors. 

Our family’s tradition during CNY is to eat dinner together on the night before the CNY day. My late grandmother was a great cook, so she cooked all dishes and then invited us to eat dinner at her house. Shark fin soup and Hainanese chicken were some of her signature dishes for the holiday. 

7 years have passed since she left us, and the way we celebrate CNY’s eve dinner have changed. No more homemade Chinese food, instead, we ate at the restaurant. For the past two years, my maternal grandpa has been asking Mama to buy for him Hainanese Chicken on CNY. My late grandma always served this food on CNY, and my grandpa apparently missed her homemade Hainanese Chicken. We could order Hainanese Chicken at most of the Chinese food restaurants in town, but the taste of the food and the atmosphere couldn’t replace the time while she was still with us. We all miss her.  

Happy Chinese New Year! 


A little girl with a fake pearl necklace 

This morning I read a story about a girl who refused to give her fake pearl necklace to her dad because she loved that necklace and felt that she worked hard to earn it. The story is ended with her finally giving that necklace to her dad and to her surprise, her dad already prepared a new real pearl necklace for her. Furthermore, the author also reminded readers the importance of letting go everything that is fake because God has prepared something good for us.

Just like that girl with a fake pearl necklace, I have a baggage that is full with things and/or people who simply are not worth to be considered or pursued. I insist to keep this heavy baggage which cause it hard for me to walk fast. 
The girl in the story preferred to lose other items, but not this fake necklace. Similarly, I give myself lots of excuse to let go certain things and people because I am afraid that I won’t be able to get back to the state where I’ve always thought it was a precious time. This fear hinders me from seeing and understanding perhaps that time wasn’t really precious. Greater thing is waiting in front of me. 

The girl suspected something was off because her dad asked her twice about that necklace. So, the next day when her dad approached her, she immediately gave that necklace to her dad. She was shocked when in return, her dad gave her a new necklace and this time a real pearl. While it did not take that long for the girl to realize, it took a while for me to slowly throw unnecessary things and/or people out from my luggage. I should have pick the cue fast, but I did not. Time, new people who live around me, my family, and other people’s stories have been helping me to pick the cues and connect the dots. 

The girl gets a new pearl necklace. Meanwhile, I learn to sort unnecessary stuff and use the available resources to make a brand new luggage. Bigger and stronger luggage. It won’t fall apart when someone throws it. It won’t break, although a thief tries to open it. 

I hope you are able to throw or bid farewell to things/persons/ habits that are fake and unhealthy to you. I understand it’s not easy, but I encourage you to try.