A Ferris Wheel 

Daddy has been telling me about his friends who used to be rich and success, but they lost everything due to unfortunate events, such as gambling, corruption and fraud. He specifically used a term “Ferris wheel” to describe one’s socioeconomical status. He said his friends who were used to be rich and sit on the top of the wheel, now are on the bottom of the wheel. Those who previously on the lower or bottom of the wheel, now are sitting on the top because of their good-hard work.  

He continues to advise me to work diligently, save, and use money wisely due to this matter. I understand his fears and worries. I understand he and mom and just like any other parents want to see their kids live healthy, happy and sufficiently. I don’t promise anything to him and Mom, but I want to show them that I could live good enough to support myself. After all, it’s my responsibility to show them that they already prepared me with plenty resources and it is my turn to use those resources wisely. 


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