Traveling Companion

Will you travel with me?

Because I want to travel 

Will you accompany me?

Because I am looking for a company

Will you stay with me?

Because it’s nice to have someone to chat with. 


white and grey clouds

Do you like white clouds or grey clouds?

White clouds signify happiness, while dark clouds signify sadness 

I like white clouds

I feel safe when I see white clouds

I even feel safer when I see sunlight

It tells me that I’ll be fine

But, grey clouds are not ugly

Too much sun and white clouds could make flowers and trees withered

Grey clouds produce rain

The rain water freshen the flowers and trees

At the end, we need both

We need white and grey clouds

We need both happiness and sadness to balance our life 

Dear Doktor

Dear Doktor,

Thank you for bringing “sun” when my heart was “cloudy” and got too much rain. Thank you for helping me to get through the days when no one was around. I miss you when you are not around, but I am excited for your future career path. Don’t give up Doktor because I have a faith in you! 
Warm regards,

Your mellow friend