Christmas Comes Double This Year 

Christmas is a special holiday to me mostly because I am a big fan of a Christmas tree. I am longing to have a pretty Christmas tree in my house ever since I was a kid. The problem is that there has been a lot of consideration every time I want to buy my own Christmas tree. As a result, I end up not having it until now, though, deep down, I want to have my own Christmas tree. 
When I have my Christmas tree, I surely will light it up days and nights. I will not get bored staring at my own Christmas tree because it looks simply beautiful to me. I will feel warm, safe, and joyful just from looking at the tree. 

Lifetime partner is like a Christmas tree to me. I long to have a lifetime partner, but I have lots of things to do and other issues to consider, and so, just like my Christmas tree situation, I am still not getting a lifetime partner. The desired feeling that I wish to have from my lifetime partner is similar to the feelings I described when I stare at my Christmas tree. Warm, safe, joyful. 

People say we should believe in the magic of Christmas, and so maybe, perhaps, I finally have a Christmas tree and will be able to share the joy with my lifetime partner on the Christmas Eve. Perhaps Christmas comes double this year. Maybe, maybe, never say no. 


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