A Girl and A Boy

Once, there was a girl who liked a boy, but did not have a gut to tell him how she felt. She was happy enough to stay near this boy and accompany him whenever possible. 

Then, the girl had to move for another job. The girl was sad because she knew she would not meet the boy again. The girl couldn’t tell whether the boy liked him or not. There was another girl who also liked this boy. This even made this girl’s feeling small because she knew she would lose him. 

The girl experienced challenging life situation in her new place. On top of that, she missed the boy very much days and nights. She felt angry, jealous and sad when she saw her friends could hang out with the boy while she couldn’t. This girl then decided to delete the boy’s phone number in hoping that she would not think of him that much. 

It took 2 years for the girl to fully release and didn’t miss the boy. She decided to close her social accounts to help her to “flush” all unnecessary life baggages and move on to the better life. 

This boy is dating another girl. The same girl who also had a crush on him a few years ago. They both moved to the same city last Summer. 

Sometimes, falling in love with someone is much easier than letting go someone special. However, letting go is much healthier than keeping all dissapointments to ourselves. A much better and nicer person is waiting for you somewhere along your next journey. 

A Girl and A Boy

Mama’s Wishes 

When I was young, Mama wanted me to be a piano teacher. She sent me to music class after school, in hoping that this would be my career post college. 

Years later, I become a teacher, but not in the music field. Mama understood. We both know that I love what I do, though she still hopes that I would play piano again. Maybe one day, I will play piano again. Yeah! 
**p.s. I recently joined a writing competition. The story is written in Bahasa, and the above paragraphs are the summary of the story.

Mama’s Wishes 

To Have and Not To Have Wishes

Christmas is rather unique this year.

It’s the first year I celebrate holiday party with children and parents at our school. 

It was a small celebration and turned out ok.

I hope to have more holiday parties with the children in the next coming years.

I hope to bring in more children and more activities to the party. 

Now that holiday party is finished, I have no specific wish for Santa. 

I truly believe that Santa Claus and God know exactly what I want and what I need. 

My longing to travel and explore other countries is still there.

My longing to go back to faraway land is still there, too.

The only difference this year, I need to build this school and care for the children. 

Wait, I do have specific wishes. I just don’t want to say my wishes out loud. 

What do you wish for Christmas? 

To Have and Not To Have Wishes

Knock Knock Love

Knock knock

Who’s there?

It’s me Love.


Yeah! Open the door please.

Sorry, I don’t recall I have any friends named Love. You must look for the wrong person.

Noo, you have a friend, named Love, and that’s person is here right outside your door. 

Sorry, I don’t open the door to strangers.

Dear, o, dear. Love is not going anywhere. Love will stay here until you open the door. You could stay inside your house as long as you want, but I will remain here. 

Why don’t you leave?? I don’t need you.

Yes, you need me. You need love, and love needs you. We need each other. I bet your house is cold. I could make it warm and safe for you. 

Nah, I could turn on heater. Just leave please.

Nope, I stay here. I could tidy up your garden while I am waiting for you. I am sure you will open the door for me. Take your time, but I stay here.


Yes. You cannot send Love away. Love will return and knock on your door again. 

Knock Knock Love

Secret Admirer

Years ago, my guy friend introduced me to his good-looking roommate, who was still in graduate school at that time. His appearance looked friendly and what I liked best from him was his eyes. I even secretly told my girl friend how cute he was, but too bad I was too old for him. I decided to follow him on a social media after that meeting. 

I did not have any direct interaction with him ever since that first meeting, but I started to get a sense about his personalities through his social media account. It’s interesting how sometimes we could guess or draw conclusion on one’s personalities based on that person’s social media account. It appears to me that he loves his family, likes to read books, and drinks lots of coffee. As I followed his updates, I thought how strange and interesting this guy was. He built a startup in the digital media/news field a few years ago. His mission is to educate young generations through his digital news platform. I slowly began to admire his passion as I continued to follow his startup journey. If I could sit and have a cup of coffee with him, I would ask what he was thinking when he decided to launch his digital news startup company. Did he ever get challenged by his family members or close friends? Maybe, I should write my lists of questions for him. Who knows maybe, I will have a conversation with him. 

Secret Admirer