I am Coming Home


What is home to you?

A place where you live and grew up?


A place where you found your passion and learned valuable lessons?


Home is everything you mentioned above?


I am longing for my home.

I want to come home.

A place where everything that I need is there.

I am coming to my home.




The Hidden Benefit of Physical Exercises

I lately found a sense of comfort in watering plants. I don’t do it everyday, but whenever I have free slot I usually water the plants. The activity helps me to step outside the work and use the moment to brainstorm or relax. Work is quite tough and doing something that is not related to work is giving me a soothing feeling.

This similar experience happened to me in the past during my grad school. I was a first year graduate student at Pitt, and I chose a practicum site that was far from campus. I didn’t foresee that the site would be that far until I got there on the first day. I basically walked up and down the hill, 3 days a week for 4 months in winter time. The first time going up was hard. It took me about 35 minutes to go up, but it got easier after that. Even though the weather was cold and snowy, I found a sense of comfort as I walked up and down the hill. I saw another hill on the other side, played with the snow and leaves as I walked, and all of these surprisingly were entertaining. This exercise became my “therapy” at that moment because the practicum was hard. Funny, but it was true.

So, next time you feel tired or simply need some refreshing, please try to exercise. You could ride a bike, walk the dog, or any other activities you could think of. Who knows all the clouds in the head could disappear and new ideas could pop up.

p.s. picture source: personal property