I am Coming Home


What is home to you?

A place where you live and grew up?


A place where you found your passion and learned valuable lessons?


Home is everything you mentioned above?


I am longing for my home.

I want to come home.

A place where everything that I need is there.

I am coming to my home.





New York, I Heart You! 

If I have 24 hours to reminisce New York, I will:

. walk along the Battery Park promenade.

. visit Oculus at the WTC.

. take a helicopter ride.

. stop by the St. Patrick Cathedral.

. enjoy the beauty of the Grand Central Terminal.

. visit Brooklyn.

New York, I miss you a bit too much! 

Who Am I?

Who am I?

I am just a woman living in the small town.
Who am I?
I am just a young adult who works hard to make a living. 
Who am I?
I am a teacher who is always strived for making positive changes in my students’ lives. 
Who am I?
I am a philanthropist wannabe who wants to leave a legacy in my hometown.
Who am I? 
I am a lifelong learner who believes that learning has no boundaries, and that through learning I could share my knowledge with others who need it. 
Who am I?
I am just a human who is not free from mistakes, yet I am trying at my best to do better the next day. 


Dream Job

Once when I was young, I listed wedding planner as my dream job. I saw pretty little things at the wedding receptions, so I figured this could be an exciting job for me. The reality, I am not a wedding planner, but I still enjoy looking at the decorations, photos, and cute dresses related to the wedding. They all look pretty and interesting to me. 

I admire people who work in the wedding industry. Creativity is one of the top criteria they should have in order to survive in this particular field. Sometimes, I feel that people in this field are born with the artistic talent. I also think they need to balance their artistic styles with their clients’ budgets and preferences. The biggest challenge, but probably the most rewarding experience for them is when they are able to deliver service and/or create something that meets both the clients’ requests and their artistic styles. What I meant is that they are still able to implement their fullest artistic skills and styles to the max in the limited resources or perhaps within such a short notice. 
So, going back to my dream job, do I still want to be a wedding planner? Maybe. I am having my dream job now, but it does not hurt to try or explore another option. 
Hint: your dream job could be anything so long as this job gives you the most fulfilling experience. Something that can’t be bought with money. 

Dear Taxi Driver

2 years have passed since our friends introduced us on that cold Sunday morning. We did had a fairly good time in just short amount of time post that Sunday brunch. I wish I could meet you 2 years early, that way I could get to know you a lot more.

I hope you are leading a good life over there. I wish I could be there when you blow your birthday candles. I also wish you could be here when I blow my birthday candles. I wish you could help me decorating Christmas tree. I wish I could tell you how I am still thinking about you every now and then. These are my wishes for you, for us. 
Good bye for now. Au revoir love!