Shine Bright Yellow! 

Yellow is very mellow today.

Work has made her feel exhausted, but she loves her work.

Her work is her identity.  

Dilemma… dilemma and dilemma.

Oh, dear!

No need to be so mellow.

No need to be worried.

Cast your fear my dear Yellow.

Shine bright! 


One Year Older, but  100 years wiser 

Birthday weekend is approaching.Whose birthday is it?

Is it yours or mine?

What birthday?

Birthday is to celebrate our journey on this earth.

Birthday is to honor what we have achieved.

Birthday is to encourage us to do more or maybe less.

Birthday means getting older, but 100 years wiser.

Whose birthday again?

Yours or mine?

It doesn’t matter. 

All that matters is that we say thank you for the opportunity He has given to us. 

A Prayer to A Lover

By grace through faith, I shall see you again.

You who have been so distant from me. Yet, I still think about you.

I hope to see and hear your voice. 
You who are far away from me. Yet, I still feel close to you.

Love is a sad thing, but world is sad without love.

I don’t know if I still could fall in love again, but I hope you will make me fall in love with you over and over again.


When your lover is gone,don’t call him back.

It’s not good.

It’s not good.

Lover will pity you when you beg him to come back. 

Instead, let him go.

It’s ok.

It’s ok.

True lover will do so much work and effort to stay together.

Through good and bad times, a true lover will stay beside you. 

When your lover is gone,

Bid him farewell. 

Au revoir, lover!