Never Say Never 

It never crossed my mind that I would work in the teaching field. I, however, was a diligent student as long as I could remember. 

Fast forward, I am now working as a teacher for students with special needs. I occasionally tutor general subjects such as English to elementary-age students. I initially said no to Math, but they brought their homework, so I had no choice other than studying Math and Science again in order to help them.

Kids nowadays don’t use this type of recorder, and so this tape recorder somehow looks “foreign” to them. I told my oldest student that I used this recorder to study TOEFL when I was young, and now, I use the same book and recorder to teach him.  

When we say “never,” there is a chance we will say “yes” in a reality or sometimes in the future. This is somewhat true in my case. How about you? 


As Pretty As Tiffany’s Jewelry 

I wish life is as pretty as Tiffany’s jewelry.

I wish I could keep my worries down to one like Tiffany’s solitaire diamond ring. 

I wish my job situation is as smooth as the surface of Tiffany’s square bracelet. 


Life has its moment, just like when you expect least you actually could get more. Thus, never give up. Learn from mistakes and upgrade! 

Pray and say thank you, as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. Pray harder when you experience life turbulence. Say thank you again when life turbulence is passed. 

Smooth job is boring. Challenging job is rewarding when you look at it from healthy perspective. 

Life is actually , as pretty as Tiffany’s jewelry when each of us always have a positive attitude. 

The Complexity of Parents and Children Relationship 

Parents and children often think differently. What parents want from the child may not be the child’s preference. Likewise, culture also influences how parents raise their children and put expectation on them. All of these get tricky as the child gets older. It will even more challenging when the child grows up in a culture that is different from his/her original culture. Argument or clash could arise because the child has a different point of view from his/her parents. Both sides will argue that they are doing the right things. Both sides want to win. 

On another note, children still and should respect their parents even though they have disagreement over things. This is tough, but children must continue to exercise putting effort to adjust and negotiate with their parents in order to reduce argument. Family relationship is complicated and tough. It takes everyone’s effort to maintain equilibrium.

Life is good when one could manage both family and work life in the most neutral and healthy ways. Can you do it? 

Knock Knock Love

Knock knock

Who’s there?

It’s me Love.


Yeah! Open the door please.

Sorry, I don’t recall I have any friends named Love. You must look for the wrong person.

Noo, you have a friend, named Love, and that’s person is here right outside your door. 

Sorry, I don’t open the door to strangers.

Dear, o, dear. Love is not going anywhere. Love will stay here until you open the door. You could stay inside your house as long as you want, but I will remain here. 

Why don’t you leave?? I don’t need you.

Yes, you need me. You need love, and love needs you. We need each other. I bet your house is cold. I could make it warm and safe for you. 

Nah, I could turn on heater. Just leave please.

Nope, I stay here. I could tidy up your garden while I am waiting for you. I am sure you will open the door for me. Take your time, but I stay here.


Yes. You cannot send Love away. Love will return and knock on your door again. 

Messages from my Nana 

I originally wrote this story in Bahasa for a writing competition hosted by IDNtimes. The story didn’t pass for selection, so I rewrote it in English. This story is a tribute to my grandmother who passed away long time ago

Dear my granddaughter, 

How are you sweetie? Is everything okay over there? I write this letter because I miss you. This old lady is too old to survive on the 20 hours flight. 

I heard from your Mom that you got a new job in New York. I’m so proud of you! I know you will do well in your career. However, I am worried that you live alone and far from your family. I know you are an adult, but still, the thought of knowing you live far from home sometimes makes me feel worried. Anyway, I always pray for your safety.

Aside from your new job, your Mom also mentioned that you haven’t had a boyfriend, yet. She said you appear to avoid or distance yourself from any guys who attempt to get to know you. Is there anything that bothers you dear? You know grandma is always ready to listen to you.  

Your mom and I don’t want to rush you into a marriage relationship. We understand marriage is a big thing. We just want you to enjoy life a bit more outside your work. We all know how you love what you do and that’s a terrific, but we would like to see you going out with friends, too. Based on your Mom’s stories, you appear to distrust love and question the importance of marriage. I know there’s no perfect love relationship, but you could always do something to nurture the relationship. My relationship with your grandpa is not all sweet and lovely. We tasted the sour and yucky flavors, too. We survive until these days because we persevere and at the same time nurture our relationship. So, my advice for you is to not be afraid to fall in love with someone. Enjoy your life a bit more! And please come home. Grandma misses you so much!

Take care dear!