Something about Nightmare 

Have you ever had a nightmare and you wish you didn’t have it on the first place? I hate the kind of nightmare where I am involuntary separated from someone special in that dream. I don’t like hearing the word “death,” too, because I am not ready losing people who are close to me. So, a nightmare that is about one’s death is definitely not my preferred dream. 

I am told that everybody including me would die. Death is a part of the natural human’s life cycle. I should not be scared, right? But, it’s hard to not feel scared and worried. 

The nightmare kept me awake all night. It makes me feel nervous the next day because I am afraid what if the nightmare turns real. I am just not ready to be separated from someone who means the world to me. I am hoping to get answers. 

This morning, I sat on the church. The sermon talked how God loves us more than a mother loves her baby. The priest also told us to not be worry because God is merciful. And so, it came to my understanding that God owns our life, and He loves us dearly. Losing someone due to death is a sad thing, but it will not be a forever sad. Good thing will come up, like rainbow after rain. Don’t think it too hard, but knowing that it will happen and when it happens, God will make it beautiful in His ways. 

Something about Nightmare 


I am bored and mad.

I need some enlightenment.

I search for one. 

I look everywhere, nothing.

Then, I see You standing at the end of the bridge. 

I can’t see Your face because it’s so bright. 

I almost think You are a street light.

You say, “Come to me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” 

I come to You.

I am still bored and occasionally angry to myself, but when I do, I remember Your words, and it gives me peace.

Thank you for being my source of light! 


10 advices for couples and married couples: Steps to healthy relationships 

Advices for those who are currently in serious and/or marriage relationship :

1. Refrain yourself from getting into physical and emotional abuse. If you know that your fiancé has a temper issue or any mental health issues, think and plan carefully before getting married. If you are already in the marriage relationship, seek for professional help to treat the core issues, e.g., marital counseling, family therapy. 

2. At any point in your life, you should not commit adultery and/or engage in any unfaithful behaviors. Being faithful to your spouse is a good example for your children. It’s also good for your everyday relationship with your friends and coworkers. 

3. You must learn to forgive each other and commit to your words or vows. Hatred could damage your physical and emotional health. 

4. Before you declare a divorce or separation, think about the long term effects of getting divorce. Children? Relatives? Work? 

5. Don’t fight in front of your children. Don’t let your children watch or hear your fight because it could lead to mental trauma for them. Fighting or getting into argument sometimes is unavoidable, but it is best to not do it around children. Solve the problem immediately and move on. 

6. Whenever possible, try to have a family vacation once a year or on periodic. Get out of normal routine, relax and spend time with your spouse and children. 

7. No matter how busy you are, try to have at least one family dinner/breakfast together. It’s good for everyone especially for children. 

8. Say “no” to gambling, drugs, and excessive alcohols because all of these could affect your relationship with your family and cause damage to your family income. 

9. Ask for professional help e.g., psychologists, family social workers, pastors, or psychiatrists when you deal with serious mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, caring for children with special needs. 

10. Meditate or have a quiet moment for reflection. Do it either in the morning or at night. Use this moment to think through and evaluate your behaviors or actions. Did I do well today? What am I going to do tomorrow? What are some other solutions for this matter? 

Our surroundings will be so much peaceful if each of us could practice these 10 advices. 


10 advices for couples and married couples: Steps to healthy relationships 

Love and Growing Tree

Building mutual and eternal love is like planting a tree. It takes time and dedication, but it gives us the most rewarding experience when we see the results.
Just like a seed needs water, fertilizer and human’s care to grow, so does love. We need to feed our relationship with “nutritious food”, such as positive communication, appreciation, and passion if we want our relationship to grow.  

The growing tree could get hit by thunder or fall down due to storm, but the root is still there and so the tree is still able to reproduce its leaves. Similarly, when the foundation of love is strong, there is no need to be afraid of facing the “storm” because even when the storm destroys or shakes the relationship, the foundation is still there and could “re-grow” again. It does take time, but the process is slightly faster than the first time because the foundation is still there. 

Are you nurturing and taking care of your love relationship? 

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Love and Growing Tree

Life and Death

What is life? What is death?Do you believe in life after death?

These three questions have been haunting me for quite sometimes due to recent family events. The opinion or reflection that I am presenting here is solely based on my personal experience and religious belief. I am writing it to share with you what I think life after death looks like. There is no intention to convert or change your personal point of view. 
If life is any activities that take place on earth while we are still breathing, so death is the reverse of life. To answer whether one believes in life after death involves one’s religious belief. What I’ve learned through my religion is that once we are dead, our spirit goes to stages such as purification before being united with our God–the One who creates us–again. If we live and do things according to His will, while we are on earth, the route to reunite with Him is quicker. Once we are with Him, we no longer feel insecure and sad. We feel joyful all the time. 
I was told that Holy bible is our “book of life” and that whenever we feel unsure we should pray and read bible. I was also told that we should let go, let God to take control of our life. Yes, we still have to exercise some efforts, but we should also let things happen according to His will. To summarize this, picture our life as a novel. We are the main character of that novel, and God is the primary author. We could express to Him what we want or wish, but He is the one who decides whether that role is suitable for us. We could say, “no, don’t let him/her die right now. Maybe a few more years,” but if He says no, this is the time, we could not do that much. It eventually happens, but God will make the way for those who are left behind. For example, caretakers will have more free time which could be used for better purposes, something that could not get done before. Understanding this sophisticated sequences help me to understand why we live and why we die and what happens to us once we die, as well as what happens to those who are left. This goes back to the title of the card that I received from a priest years ago. “Life is changed, not ended.” Those who die, his spirit is still alive. Those who are left behind, they undergo adjustment and move on. And so, yes, I believe there is a life after death. 


Life and Death

Have you ever… 

Have you ever experienced the time when you had to make a very good decision in a short amount of time with limited resources? For example, the person or company you have been waiting is not yet responding to your requests. Or, you wait for additional documents that are not yet delivered to your mailbox.

Have you ever felt that the decision that you made earlier was (perhaps) wrong or not effective? If yes, how did you amend this situation? 
I did made several important decisions in my life, and I had a mixed feeling post my decisions. Ideally and as some people said, we should not feel sorry or regret or whatsoever once we make a decision. Well, I found this was quite hard. What I meant with mixed feeling was that I was happy I did it, but then I regretted from making that decision. It was a plus and minus in every important decision that I made.
I learned along the way that I could not get all the plus. There has to be some minus. I do wonder if this is the “common rule” in life.
I will say the “troubleshooting” moment is the hardest one because you have to make sure that you will not repeat the same mistake.
So, the best reasonable advice I could give to you is to do what you need to do, and just remember that your final decision should not and will not against the law. 
Have you ever…