As Pretty As Red Roses

Lady, oh lady

Yes, you lady

Such a sweet lady

Aging makes you look graceful

Lady, cast your worries

Embrace the world with confident smile

Walk straight and straighten your collar


No, lady, you aren’t crazy

You are a talented lady with gracious vision

Lady, oh lady

My sweet lady

Hope all your wishes come true

Let this year be the prettiest year ever for you

As pretty as the red roses

Happy Birthday, my Lady!

Look Forward

I look forward for the days when daily life is running smoothly and no worries.

I look forward for the freedom of doing things I want to do without bothering what people said to me.

I look forward for the time when I could feel peace and joy all around my body.

I look forward for a moment when harsh words are not ringing on my ears.

Look forward and keep believing.


The journey of looking for a soulmate is like waiting for a bus that is running late. You see your fellows were getting picked up by their buses one by one. They are waving good bye at you and wishing you luck before they stepped on the bus. You made a sigh every time your fellow said it, but you figured you could handle it. You kept saying, it’s not the end of the world anyway. 

Hours have passed, and you have been waiting for too long and was getting tired making multiple phone calls tried to reach the bus operators that were always busy. The schedule said the bus should have been arrived, but it did not. You checked your phone’s battery power and saw that you have 10% left. 

You decided to walk and hope to see your bus somewhere (hopefully), than standing at the bus stop for nothing. As you walked home, you met various people from different backgrounds. You met a fellow who then lent his power cord to you and chatted for a few hours while you waited for the battery to have at least 80% power. You were parted with this fellow and continued on your journey. A faithful heart is a must in order to survive on this journey. A clear mind with positive thinking will help you to come up with plans (what if there is no bus), but it is God’s grace and guidance that will make the way. 

Love is Confident

Certain songs remind you of certain people and events. This happens to be true in my case. I listened to Piano Guys on Spotify earlier and as I was listening to their songs, my memories traveled back to my school years. The songs reminds me of the time when life was around job searching and idealizing the characteristics of good guy according to my standard. 

I met a fellow classmate during my school years who patiently accompanied and waited for me for 2 years. I enjoyed his company and we got along really well, but I was not able to say “yes” to him. I was in tears when he forbid good bye, but I told myself it was meant to be gone. I’ve always convince myself when the time is right, I would be able to say “yes” to the guy who proposes and/or initiates a further relationship with me. 

Years after that teary moment, I’ve missed some other critical love moments in which a family member was partially blaming me for not making a move. Work has been my savior during those periods of time. If I am perhaps unlucky in this love segment, I shouldn’t fail in my career. I could lose one, but not both. Thus, this has become my new life motto. 

Listening to Piano Guy’s songs made me to think and look back on what I have dreamed and wished in the past. The dream has always been love and career go hand-in-hand. I know for sure what I want to achieve in my work, and deep down, I know I choose the right profession. Similarly, I want the same feeling of confidence when it comes to love. I do not know when I will meet the right guy, but if the time is right and it is meant to be, I will meet that person, and so I will be able to say “yes” to him. 

Love is patient, pure, and confident. When the time is right, it will be beautiful. 

Dream Job

Once when I was young, I listed wedding planner as my dream job. I saw pretty little things at the wedding receptions, so I figured this could be an exciting job for me. The reality, I am not a wedding planner, but I still enjoy looking at the decorations, photos, and cute dresses related to the wedding. They all look pretty and interesting to me. 

I admire people who work in the wedding industry. Creativity is one of the top criteria they should have in order to survive in this particular field. Sometimes, I feel that people in this field are born with the artistic talent. I also think they need to balance their artistic styles with their clients’ budgets and preferences. The biggest challenge, but probably the most rewarding experience for them is when they are able to deliver service and/or create something that meets both the clients’ requests and their artistic styles. What I meant is that they are still able to implement their fullest artistic skills and styles to the max in the limited resources or perhaps within such a short notice. 
So, going back to my dream job, do I still want to be a wedding planner? Maybe. I am having my dream job now, but it does not hurt to try or explore another option. 
Hint: your dream job could be anything so long as this job gives you the most fulfilling experience. Something that can’t be bought with money. 

Dear Taxi Driver

2 years have passed since our friends introduced us on that cold Sunday morning. We did had a fairly good time in just short amount of time post that Sunday brunch. I wish I could meet you 2 years early, that way I could get to know you a lot more.

I hope you are leading a good life over there. I wish I could be there when you blow your birthday candles. I also wish you could be here when I blow my birthday candles. I wish you could help me decorating Christmas tree. I wish I could tell you how I am still thinking about you every now and then. These are my wishes for you, for us. 
Good bye for now. Au revoir love! 

My Dream Job

Having a college degree or even a doctoral degree plus a good job and loving husband will not guarantee that you will be a mother. It’s because I always see that a profession as a mother is a gift from God. His time and His plan, not our time and our plan. 

While you know when you will finish your assignment or work project, your job as a mother is infinite. You are still a mother even after your child goes to a college and later has his or her own family. 

You also know your child’s characters very well, just like you know the characters of your team members or co-workers. You have to deal with the ups and downs 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week, 365 days in a year. 

I would say this is the most challenging, yet the most rewarding job you could ever asked. 

So, whether you are pregnant and expect to see the baby soon or are a mother now, I want you to know how precious your job is. I know some days are easy while others are difficult, but I would like to remind you the happy little moments like when you feel the baby moves around inside your belly, see the smile, hear the first word, get the first kiss and more. These moments are priceless, could not be measured with anything else. Thus, enjoy the journey. 

Last but not least, if you are longing to have one and/or still waiting for the good news, I want you to continue to hope for the best.